Primary School


Primary school goes from 1st grade (2EGB) to 6th grade (7 EGB). It offers bilingual education with 70% of the teaching program taught in English.  We use AMCO, a high level international English teaching platform. Mathematics and Language are taught in Spanish.


The academic training in Cervantes is holistic.  We intend to educate upstanding, integrated and integrator human beings.  The first years of education are very important, as they acquire the essential skills to learn.

Through the constructivist methodology the students learn from the know-how. The students in Cervantes are defined as global human beings, they prepare themselves for the XXI century’s challenges.

Arts, sports, and personal development are fundamental pillars on which Cervantes’ education stands.

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The six levels are conformed by 180 students, 30 students per level in just one parallel class. The proposal consists on keeping a low number of students to be able to give a personalized attention to each student, and, at the same time to make it sustainable.


  • Regular schedule: 07:55 to 13:05
  • Complete schedule (with complementary assignments): 07:55 to 14h45

The class journey is divided into 35 curricular hours and 10 extracurricular hours per week. The curricular hours are destined to develop the national curriculum proposed by the Ministry of Education. The time required for the bilingual project is completed by the extracurricular time.

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Teaching Staff

The teachers are professionals with third and fourth level degrees. The English teachers must have a C1 certification to perform their job.

  • Each level counts with an English tutor, and Spanish teachers.


Daily uniform:

  • Polo T-shirt, dark blue jean pants, institutional jackets, sports shoes.

Physical education:

  • Round neck T-shirt, sweatcher, sports shoes.

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