Quijotitos Kindergarten


Colegio Cervantes is interested in initiating the schooling period of the individual since the elementary stage as, for our educational proposal, it is important to transmit to the kids positive habits from the first years of school.  Also, the acquisition of skills is fundamental for the school years to come.


The academic training in Cervantes is holistic.  We intend to educate upstanding, integrated and integrator human beings.  During the first years, they learn through ludic experiences.  The students in Cervantes get a global vision and prepare themselves for the XXI century’s challenges.


Schooling is in English. The proposal consists on leading the children towards thinking in another language, avoiding translation, to obtain a better performance in the acquisition of a new language.

The corners serve for children to learn playing, emphasizing on the development of gross and fine motor skills.

The emotional education takes place through music.  Therefore,   we work on emotions 2 hours daily combining them with music.

Water stimulation takes place once a week.  It has several benefits, especially over the psychomotor development. It strengthens the cardiorespiratory and immunologic systems; increases the intellectual quotient and strengthens affective relationships with peers.


  • Regular schedule:   07:55 to 13:05
  • Complete schedule (with complementary assignments):  07:55 to 14h45

Teaching Staff

The teachers are professionals with third and fourth level degrees.  The English teachers must have a C1 certification to perform their job.  Each level has an English tutor, a Spanish teacher and a class assistant.

The Policies

  • Love with limits
  • Harmonic environment in the middle of mutual respect
  • Permanent support in any possible risk
  • Development of every knowing individual, according to his/her individual characteristics
  • Rights focusing based on obligations compliance
  • To offer experiences favoring the positive habits acquisition
  • To promote conflicts solving through straight dialogue. Minors should recognize their voice

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