School Cafeteria – “Mi Colación”

This experienced school catering company (13 years), permanently offers a well-balanced and healthy food and snacks to the children. They base their menu on local and homemade style food with fresh and nutritive ingredients.  We quote: “Since the beginning we established our healthiest formula: A correct diet + the unique flavor of mama’s cooking = Energy and Vitality”.

Mi Colación Board of Directors:

  • María Dolores Valdivieso: Food engineer. Responsible for the administration and the quality.
  • Karina Valdivieso: International Business Specialist.  Responsible for the interpersonal relations to guarantee the most adequate working and business environment.

What do they offer?

Snacks and lunches are targeted for kids ranging between 3 and 18 years old.  They emphasize their nutrition policy on balanced food: proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables and a lot of fresh fruits. Menus for snacks and lunches include traditional Ecuadorian ingredients, customs and preparation.  Lunches are composed of: a large variety of soups, main dish, natural fruit juice or water and dessert.

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