Learning a new language allows us to open several horizons on different aspects: culture, education, nutrition, tourism, music and cultural customs. You are invited to follow us in this new adventure!

What is French?

French is a romance language spoken in the European Union, especially in France. According to estimations of the Francophonie International Organization (based on demographic projections of the United Nations), during the XXI century, French would become the third language of speakers in the world (300 million in 2018) mainly due to the population growth of  the African French speaking countries.

What is the use?

  • Universal language: it is the third language spoken in the world.
  • It is the official language for the following international organizations: Red Cross, UNO, UNESCO, IMF, and European Union.
  • Speaking French opens doors to studying and working opportunities offshore.
  • To travel in French speaking countries, as it allows us to communicate with local people which is greatly appreciated.