What is Mindfulness / Happy

It is to consciously focus on the present, the here and the now to overcome problems; to recognize what the problem is to avoid deviating to what it is not. To exercise a muscle with repetition and patience.

How does it work?

The person grows becoming a better version of him or herself, by the means of balance and interior peace. Controls emotions, is authentic, takes care of his/her mistakes, is aware of how worth he or she is and develops solid ethics.

 What is the use?

The mind is active conscience unto itself. It allows to learn through current experiences. A trained mind recognizes thoughts, emotions and body sensations and regulates them and lead to a positive mind.

Other relevant information: The mathematical thinking goes far beyond the numerical field that is why it is essential to approach it in all its complexity.


What are the benefits?

  • Happy students that enjoy the process of teaching-learning
  • Teachers that are capable of maintaining a happy state-of-mind inside and outside of the class
  • Parents who cultivate productive relationships developing habits to be happy in their family and community
  • Educative leaders capable of promoting and transforming their community, focusing on happiness and handling emotions.