Letter from the


A glance to my memories to dust off images of a little girl who characterized a teacher when playing . . .

Among the memories that I evoked, the strength to pursue my dream and the conviction that a love based education could be given, showed.  From that, a different educational project was developed, since February 2004.

It was a difficult process from the beginning.  Those days nobody spoke about inclusion, so offering an inclusive school was new for the parents.  In May 2004 I started the registration process for the 2004-2005 school year, with a result of fifteen students. Later in time, when I asked the original parents the reason for their decision, they replied: “…because we believed in what you said!”

My experience in education relates to the Language and Literature teaching.  I started at Colegio 24 de Mayo, replacing a distinguished teacher. Then I was lucky enough to work for two prestigious private schools.  I got important learning in each institution. For how passionate I am about education and from the experience obtained during all the years I worked, the Cervantes project was borne, an inclusive school where every person is a universe.

The feeling I got is that I have worked in Cervantes my whole life. This space has become a place where minors and grownups feel peace, we are a solid community for an effective learning. My initial wish to count with a solid and committed team became real. I started alone, and now I have a solidary large group with members that support one to the other in benefit of our children and youngsters.

Problems will always be present, but they are not relevant when compared to the huge satisfaction of seeing the educational project walk by itself. We have graduated nine promotions.  Our graduates are now well positioned in the different universities of the country, even abroad. Most of the oldest girls and boys have already successfully finished their careers. Every school year, trying to maintain our principles and values, is a challenge but we face it with the same passion, mystics and love that we had at the beginning. Our educational model is valid, different; based on the constant search to evolve to become better people.

At this point of our road, we identify ourselves as: “There is no place like Cervantes” …. Every morning that I receive the students at the school gate, with every smile, with every hug shared, with the warm salutations received, I increase my certainty that this harmonic, safe, artistic and academic atmosphere was made together.  There is no place like Cervantes I think every morning, when the happiness of one more day with my children invades me.

Our students have developed a culture of respect.  They solve their conflicts through an open and sincere dialogue.  They know that the solution to their problems is promoted by themselves and they know that they should speak frontally and rightly.  In an environment like this, bullying does not exist. The older kids protect the younger and the latter grow with no fear, within a harmonious and peaceful environment.

The teachers who really commit with the educational project remain, those who give everything because the project demands everything. Those who do not, are not capable of forming people with integrity, nor to sculpt souls that love life. For those who are part of the Cervantes community, there is no student taken for granted, we think in every one of them, we work for each and every one of them.  We believe that each student is a work of art with his/her own chromatic and original beauty.

In our community, we relate to each other spontaneously, as we believe that everybody deserves the same respect; and, although we spend many hours together, there are children that do not want to leave school.  I quote my granddaughter’s Cayetana statement: “I would stay the whole day at Quijotitos”. In our kindergarten Quijotitos, our small ones perform surrounded by attention and love. We have full time Spanish and English teachers for them to learn both languages simultaneously and naturally. The team per class includes one exclusive assistant, and other sports, music, theatre and computer systems teachers. At Quijotitos they grow free, self-secure and above all, they grow with a lot of love. Cervantes intends to forge a new friendly and respectful culture, one that includes commitment with others and the environment. We want that our kids’ future is filled with good memories, so they can meet adulthood distinguishing true happiness. I insist on the fact that each and every one of our boys and girls are unique, wonderful and unrepeatable. They do not need to proof to anyone how worthy they are, because they know how worthy they are.  I take this opportunity to welcome to our community.

Dra. Beatriz Larrea – Fundadora / Rectora