Global English

What is Global English?

Foreign language development: AMCO, international platform, leader in Latin America for the English Language teaching.

How does it work?

It offers its own technology. It edited the school texts for each level, according to the needs of our institution.

What is the use?

  • It offers international Spelling Bee contests for all studying levels.
  • It promotes debates with different countries students at a senior level.
  • It grants to the graduating students, a CEFR (Common European Framework) certificate issued by the San Diego State University.

AMCO offers a permanent training and evaluation system to teachers.

The singular performance of our students comes with a constant innovation in the class.  This year we inaugurated an integrating and fabulous tool for the English Language Development: AMCO, an international educative-technological platform, which leads in Latin America! It offers us:

  • SMART BOOKS: The new school books for all levels were customized according to Cervantes’ needs.
  • SMART TEACHERS: AMCO constantly trains and evaluates teachers.
  • SMART CLASSROOMS: It is an inter-connected platform that takes its own technology to each classroom. It also records group achievements in a useful and practical manner. 71% of the academic hours are given in English.