Admissions Process

Admissions Process

Meeting our candidates is of vital importance for us.  Under that consideration, our admissions process is complete.

  1. Set an appointment to meet each other and deliver all the information required about Colegio Cervantes.
  2. Fill up the ADMISSIONS FORM
  3. Set an appointment with the Student Council Department for an interview with the parents or legal representatives and to perform pertinent admission tests.  These tests are FREE.

For the evaluation meeting, copy of the following documents need to be delivered:

  • Candidate’s birth certificate
  • Previous year’s report card and the last received during current school year
  • Psychological and medical of the candidate, if so is required

If the student is admitted, the following has to be delivered:

  • Color copy of the candidate’s identification card.
  • Color copy of the parents’ identification card (father and mother).
  • Medical certificate.
  • Audiometry.
  • Ophthalmological certificate.
  • Copy of the last electricity bill.
  • A service provision contract duly signed.
  • If coming from other school.
  • ALL the previous school year promotion certificate, duly certified by the Ministry of Education.
  • A commitment letter, duly signed, where the parents commit themselves to follow all the educational processes of their son/daughter, inside the school.
  • It will be pleasure to serve you!

Schooling ages

The candidates must be the age shown below, until September 1 of the admission year:

Age Level Category
03 years old Nursery Inicial 1
04 years old Pre Kinder Inicial 2
05 years old Kindergarten 1 EGB
06 years old First grade 2 EGB
07 years old Second grade 3 EGB
08 years old Thrid grade 4 EGB
09 years old Fourth grade 5 EGB
10 years old Fifth grade 6 EGB
11 years old Sixth grade 7 EGB
12 years old First course 8 EGB
13 years old Second course 9 EGB
14 years old Thrid course 10 EGB
15 years old Fourth course 1 BGU
16 years old Fifth course 2 BGU
17 years old Sixth course 3 BGU