mathematical thinking

What is it?

Conscious as we are that for a significant learning it is imperative to enjoy of it, it is important to make use of all our senses, as this contributes to the integral development of the student. Our students will be able to choose an extracurricular class within art or sports, all with the same purpose: learning while enjoying.

How does it work?

The students are grouped in sub-levels by ages so they can relate with other levels’ students.  Once they are grouped they undergo a selection and audition processes to detect which are each one’s skills to locate him/her in the appropriate club.

Which is the offer?

We offer workshops/clubs of: plastic art, music, chorus and French.  Our students count with a diverse offer opened to adapt to each one’s affinities.

We offer all sports, also workshops/clubs of: volleyball, masculine football, feminine football, physical conditioning, Olympic gym and basketball. Our students count with a diverse offer opened to adapt to each one’s affinities.  The specialized teams participate in championships with other schools.

Which is the use?

Art is the spine for the formation of people. Art has been proven to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain, which together with the brain’s elasticity, guarantees optimum learning. From the art point of view, it develops creativity, sensitivity, conflicts solving, decisions making and self-security. Art feeds the soul. Sports in Cervantes is the door for the development of positive physical, emotional and mental habits. A life with positive habits favors health and the integral development of minors.  There are several benefits: psychomotor development, rules observance, team work, will strengthening, goals and objectives determination, etc.